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New Modal Hijabs in 31 Colours

As a change in season is upon us, Aab welcomes new stylish Hijabs to your wardrobe: a selection of thirty-one beautiful modal scarves. These elegant additions are smooth to the touch, but with equal impact and depth, making them the perfect accessory to any outfit choice be it dress up or dress down. In a variety of shades and tones, there’s a modal hijab to suit everyone.

So, what exactly is modal?

Modal is a type of rayon made from a combination of natural and synthetic fibres.

More recently, the fabric has been rising in popularity throughout the fashion and decor world due to its amazing qualities in breathability, durability and stability.

The mix of natural and synthetic fibres gives modal some astounding benefits, making it a fitting choice for hijabs and scarves, especially during the summer:

  • Super soft, with a luxurious feel and a beautiful drape to suit any kind of styling
  • Lightweight, breathable and absorbent
  • Highly resistant to pilling, with a smooth and durable finish
  • Shrink resistant and holds dye extremely well, easily retaining full vibrancy of colour
  • An eco-friendly, biodegradable fabric, made from regenerative plants and fewer chemicals than other forms of rayon

After previously trialling modal hijabs in small numbers, the popularity of this fabric could not go unnoticed - the wide variety of shades have been carefully selected to suit all skin tones and compliment the majority of our collection.

The modal hijabs are a great size, with ample width to double over and style as pleased, without looking clumpy or stiff. What’s more, if you’re not a fan of wearing pins or underscarves, the new modal pieces are the perfect accessory; the fabric is smooth but enduring, without requiring the need of extras to keep it in place.

This launch celebrates a broad, vibrant colour palette, to suit any outfit, mood and occasion. Shop the collection now.

And watch this space - our unique modal prints are coming soon.