About us

The name Aab is derived from the Persian translation for water. Water embodies the spirit of our collection; natural, flowing and unrestricted by borders and ethnicities. Starting out as a fledgling label in 2007, the founders at Aab identified a need for on-trend modest clothing. Today, Aab is recognised as the 'go to' premium modest wear brand with a thriving online presence.


With modesty at the core of every design, our garments are made to ensure you no longer need to think about covering the 'gaps'. Each collection features interchangeable pieces that help you style your look from am to pm and easily transition from season to season.

The Art of Embroidery

Using age-old techniques learned and passed down by our skilled artisans, our beautiful embroidered garments are known for their elegance and intricate craftsmanship. Inspiration for our garments is taken from history, art, and nature that beautifully fuse together to create intricately detailed motifs and patterns.

The Aab way

Aab was created with the values of fairness and responsibility. Today these values continue to define our brand.

We have a responsibility to our customers, and the communities in which we operate, to ensure that our garments are produced in a healthy and ethical work environment. Plenty of care and attention to detail are given into our products, which we do not mass produce.